2 AS IS Blond Bubble Cut  Barbies
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2 AS IS Blond Bubble Cut Barbies as with all as is no return on them. I am currently listing set of 2 as is bubble cuts in each of the 3 colors. Great way to get display dolls or ones with work on.

These are really quite nice dolls with small defects, check it out.

Doll #1 Ash blond all hair intact, lays nice to her head, no green ears, smokey eyeshadow, she has wear on her white lips, brows perfect  all makeup original. She has nice Midge-Barbie body nice nail color no problems that I can see. great body. Nice clean bodies on both dolls. She really has little wrong with her I just have too many right now.

Doll #2 yellow blond hair, early doll Barbie body, small face, nice  hair, smokey eyeshadow, original  makeup intact just some wear on pink lips probably is White Ginger. No  splits tiny dark spot on left ear practically nothing no other problems on head. Body has no problems dark red nail color.  

These two dolls are a great bargain perfect for display as they stand.

  • Item #: 2 AS IS Bubble Cut Blonds

2 AS IS Blond Bubble Cut Barbies

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