2 AS IS Brunette Bubble Barbies group 2
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2 AS IS Brunette Bubble cut Barbies. This is group 2 when ordering.

Doll 1 has coral lips some wear looks like lucy lips, dark brows, very dark eyeshadow. Full hair no missing plugs falls over forehead with curls. I like it cute look. Nice Barbie body, some nail wear, legs tight to hips, other than some small scratches on upper back I see no other body problems. Both dolls have clear ears and no splits or tears on neck. 

Doll 2 has very light coral lips that have faded but all color seems to be there, very dark brows. Midge-Barbie body, head is slightly darker than body in color. Beautiful nail and toe color. Really nice body, legs are tight, one tiny very tiny dark spot on right arm in back by elbow. I see no real problems with this doll. 

As is dolls are not returnable, they are as they come, I try to call all problems as I see them.

  • Item #: 2 AS IS Bubble Cut Brunettes #2

2 AS IS Brunette Bubble Barbies group 2

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