2 AS IS Brunette Bubble Barbies group 3
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Group of 2 AS IS Brunette Bubble Cuts this is group 3 when ordering.

Doll #1 is earlier doll on Barbie body, some lip wear, very dark brows, clear ears except she has a very light blue line on top of ear, this may come off with clearsil it is not green from earrrings, lots of dark curly hair, no missing plugs. Body is great nice nail and toe color, very tight legs to hips, tiny roughness on back of left shoulder minor but there, left arm has small green mark.

Doll 2 has slight suntan look to head, clear ears, very full dark hair, minor lip wear in fact probably as she was made nothing much. Dark eyeshadow. Great nail and toe color, Midge Barbie body.  I don't see any body problems. Nice display dolls.

No return on any As Is dolls. 

  • Item #: 2 AS IS Bubble Cut Brunettes #3

2 AS IS Brunette Bubble Barbies group 3

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