AS IS 2 #6 blond ponytails
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AS IS two #6 Barbie ponytails one is blond other ash, nice dolls I just have way too many in inventory right now, Ash blond has hair up in tight braid, small neck split, makeup nice but lips are showing wear, Midge Barbie body, no problems with it, most nail and toe color there. Legs tight to body. Clear ears wearing labeled jeans and bodysuit.

Blond #6 has a ton of hair, original band still there but broken of course, very thick hair. Brows and eye color bright, lip wear. Midge Barbie body, nice nail and toe color. Two tiny gauge marks on back of left leg near knee area. Otherwise this body has no problems. Clear ears really nice display doll.  No return on any as is dolls. 

  • Item #: AS IS #6 (2) Ponytails

AS IS 2 #6 blond ponytails

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