AS IS #5 Blond Ponytail 2
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I finally decided to make this an as is doll she is really nice just a couple of things that bother me so made her as is. Just a ton of long blond hair never been restyled so somewhat loose ponytail, extremely long hair. Face paint is all original nice brows, lips a little thin but not terrible, clear ears. She is wearing free club dress.

Very nice straight Midge-Barbie body, perfect nail color, she has one small purple mark on her left calf. The thing that made her as is under her long ponytail it has some staining or brownish color (on the scalp) that I do not know what it. Maybe just a good hair wash will remove it probably I think. I just didn't want to ruin her hair. So up to buyer. Pretty good doll overall. Nice for the price for sure. No returns on as is dolls. I see no other problems.

  • Item #: AS IS #5 Blond Ponytail

AS IS #5 Blond Ponytail 2

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