AS IS Blond B/L Francie doll
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1966 Bendable Leg Blond Francie doll she is AS IS and is a very nice looking doll. If you are looking for a nice display doll she will fill the bill.

Tons of blond hair very long has slight curl to ends, missing 6 plugs on right side may be they were never full as there is nothing there, she has lots of hair, bright dark red lips, all lashes, has a pretty good color to her head but faded area on right ear area, other side not much. Body is nice knees snap in all positions, hips tight to body. Arms are lighter than pink body. Overall nice looking as is doll, no return on her.

  • Item #: AS IS B/L Blond Francie doll

AS IS Blond B/L Francie doll

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