AS IS Blond S/L Francie & Blond Casey
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2 AS IS Vintage dolls. No return on as is dolls. Blond Bendleg Francie lots of long hair curls perfectly in back no plugs missing, long lashes, perfect makeup, her face has a yellow caste to it but is even color overall looks like light suntan color, knees click in all positions, no cracks or splits, body is very pink, doll needs cleaning, arms slightly lighter than body. Tiny blue mark on calf of right leg on outside, no pinpricks or other problems very nice display doll.

Blond TNT Casey has a big smile, she is very cute,  perfect makeup and lashes, her hair is very shiny and looks near mint, she has  very clear complexion, has a light ear where earring once was, I will include an earring if wanted. Body is very pink very tight click to knees, only problem I see is blue mark on right hip at the top, really nice display doll.

  • Item #: AS IS B/L Francie &TNT Casey

AS IS Blond S/L Francie & Blond Casey

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