AS IS Redhead Bubble Barbies
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2 AS IS Redhead or Titian Bubble Head Barbie dolls. Price is for the pair. 

Both dolls are on Midge-Barbie bodies. Flaws are minor I have way too many of these so am making them cheap, they make great display dolls. 

Doll #1 has coral lips, perfect makeup, great nail and toe dolor, her lower lip looks a little think but think this was she was originally and not wear. Huge hair no plugs missing. Clear ears. Tight legs to body, a small cut on upper right leg about inch from hip joint. 

Doll #2 also has full hair, color is darker red than doll 1, not as thick but probably earlier doll. Faded light lips but all color seems to be intact, dark brows, her face has more suntanned look. Nice nail and toe color, no splits or tears at neckline. 

These would be great display dolls, need good cleaning. No return on any as is dolls. 

  • Item #: 2 AS IS Bubble Cut Redheads

AS IS Redhead Bubble Barbies

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