As Is Titian American Girl
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1966 Bendable Leg Barbie the American Girl Redhead this hair color is very different than the normal titian more like a raggedy ann color very bright and very red, it curls perfectly to head all plugs intact, perfect hair.   Head is close to perfect she has the fading coral color nearly nude color, nice dark brows, two earring holes in each ear, no green at all. the body is really nice but has several minor defects, perfect nails, tight hips to body, both knees click perfectly, couple of pinpricks on top of each knee not deep but there, small cut behind knee on left side and one small cut on calf of same leg. Toes are nipped on both feet and there are small splits on bottom of both feet.

Considering how hard it is to get perfect bendable leg bodies this would be a perfect doll except for these defects. They are minor mostly but makes this super doll a as is doll.  She is very pretty wearing the club dress.

No return on as is dolls I try to call all flaws I see but sometimes miss something. I am lising several american girl doll with flaws as is in the next couple of days keep an eye out. Great display dolls for great prices.

  • Item #: AS Is Am Girl Red toe nip

As Is Titian American Girl

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