Bubble Titian in BBQ dress Mint doll
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This is a gorgeous Bubble cut beautiful face, clear complexion, bright lip color, smokey eyeshadow  perfect head, have a nearly high color look. Perfect redhead hair. Mint doll great nail & toe color color, Barbie body, legs tight to hips, she came to me wearing BBQ dress and apron and shoes it was so cute I decided to sell her that way. Only flaw I see is two extra holes in top of left ear, ears have no trace of green whatever. When I  purchased this it came with three Bubbles one of each color hair all three dolls are just gorgeous, top flight Bubbles.

This is the first one offered others will be on their way soon. This is how a Bubble should look but seldom does.

  • Item #: Bubble Cut Titian In BBQ

Bubble Titian in BBQ dress Mint doll

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